Research laboratory
The research laboratory of “Inpharm” company is one of the key elements of the company.
It’s fitted with hi-tech equipment, that allows to conduct all necessary tests and provide quality control on each stage of manufacturing process.

The tasks of the research lab are:
- provision of lab tests’ quality;
- ensuring the continuity of the result;
- assessment of the reliability of the laboratory methods used (all analysis methods have passed the validation process and comply with the state pharmacopoeia);
- assessment of the research results reliability;
- analysis quality management.

All employees of the lab are highly qualified specialists in cosmetological, biotechnological and pharmaceutical fields of industry.
The main vector of development
Inpharm’ company's activities are aimed at solving problems of effective import substitution, creation of domestic technologies and the production of high-quality and affordable medical products used in cosmetology and medicine.
We are open to various forms of cooperation
Компания Инфарм специализируется на предоставлении полного цикла услуг: от разработки рецептуры продукта, до выведения его на отечественный рынок и предлагает клиентам качеств«Inpharm» company is concentrated on the provision of the hole cycle of services: from product’s formulation development to launch to domestic market and offers qualitative and cost-effective technologies to customers.
The “Inpharm” research lab is open to cooperation with the companies, interested in conducting scientific research and development.
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