Quality of products and services
All production processes at the “Inpharm” company are accompanied by the quality control department, which includes a physico-chemical laboratory.

The main task of the quality control department is the production control of medical products at all stages of the technological process and issue of relevant documents, confirming the actual conduct of all necessary tests and compliance of the manufactured products by the company with regulatory and technological requirements.

The achievement of high-quality products and provided services is ensured through a set of actions:
— implementation of a quality management system, based on the principles and rules of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and national standards;
— ensuring continuous and systematic quality control of products at all stages of development and production cycle;
— providing input control of raw materials and auxiliary materials, according to specifications, that guarantees high quality of materials used in production;
— all procedures and manufacturing processes are subject to periodic validation, this ensures that they comply with the guidelines of good manufacturing practice (GMP);
— development of professionalism, competence, personal responsibility of employees and continuous improvement of their qualifications.
Our Certificates
ISO 13485 Certificate of Conformity
ISO 9001 Certificate of Conformity
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WTO Certificate